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Below you will find the services that we offer. Services include dog walking, pet sitting, dog bite prevention, and family education. Click on the picture to go to the specifc page to learn more and to book with us.
Dog Walking


15 Minute Wellness Check *****************$20

30 Minute Walk    ****************************$25

45 Minute Walk    ****************************$30

Pet Sitting


Boarding of 1 small dog  *************$25

Boarding of 2 small dogs  ************$40

Boarding of 3 small dogs *************$50

Pet sitting in your home *****click above for details

The amount depends on the number of dogs.

Ex.: 1 dog

1 cleaning per week: $40/mo.

2 cleanings per week: $75/mo.

3 cleanings per week: $90/mo.

One time cleaning: $40 for 1st hour - $12 for every 15 minutes after.

For more details click here.

Pet Taxi

Local transportation to vet, groomer, etc. Pricing depends on distance and time.

For more details click here.

Family Education


General training including sit, stay, down, and come. Referrals to other resources.


Basic Training & Family Education******* $20

Dog Bite Prevention


This program is designed for young children up to the age of 10. Schools and clubs can sign up to have this presentation given to the students and members.

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