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Pets of the Homeless is the only national organization focused exclusively on feeding and providing veterinary care to pets of the homeless. Feeding Pets of the Homeless DBA Pets of the Homeless became a recognized 501(c) (3) non-profit organization registered with the State of Nevada in 2008.


Pet Care + is a donation site for Pets of the Homeless. We do not have a business location so instead of you dropping off items for donation, we come to you. We are currently working with Heart of Compassion, a local food distribution center, to become the first distribution site in the Montebello area. Pets of the Homeless is always looking for more donation and distribution sites. Check out their link below to find out how to become one or contact us here at Pet Care +, we are also a volunteer to find donation and distribution sites. 


The great thing about this program is that if a low income person who has a place to live were to come to the shelter and ask for pet food, they can get it, too. We get to support two groups of pets with this awesome organization. 


Items for to donate:

Dry or canned cat food.

Dry or canned dog food.

Leashes, collars, harnesses.


New cat or dog toys.


Contact us if you have a donation for us to pick up. You can email us through this site or at You can also call or text us at 323-484-7387.


Pets of the Homeless website (find out more about them or to look for help for your pet)


How to become a donation site

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