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Fees vary between $25 to $50 a day depending on whether the animals stay with us or are at your home.


Boarding in our home.

Boarding of 1 small dog  ********************$25

Boarding of 2 small dogs *******************$40

Boarding of 3 small dogs *******************$50


I provide two options for watching your pet.


Option 1: We watch your pet at our home.

In this situation I can only watch small dogs at our home. The dog must be no more than 20 pounds (the only exception would be dogs that are smaller, but are heavy). We live in a small house and having large dogs just won't work for us. We have a fence in front yard where your dog can play off leash, but will always be supervised. A block away is a park where we can take your dog for a walk if you choose. We do not accept more than 3 dogs from one family (exceptions can be made if they're very tiny). We also do not accept dogs from different families. Your dogs will have our undivided love and attention when they are at our home.


Option 2: In your home.

We can stop by your home once or twice a day to check in on your pets. We will check your home for pet accidents, clean litter boxes, and will clean small animal cages as well (well, except spiders). For added peace of mind, we are insured and bonded. If you are requesting someone to stay at your home this is something we can do, but you would need to contact us to find out if we are available during the time you need us. Also, be aware that we would need to leave your pet(s) alone for a number of hours during the day while we go and take care of the other pets we care for.


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