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Memberships & Certifications

We are proud to be members and insured through Pet Sitters Associates, LLC. You can see our profile on their site by clicking on the logo on the left.

We are members of two other professional organizations. They are PetSitUSA and Professional United Pet Sitters. These organizations have been very helpful in helping us build our business. We are honored to be a member. See our profile on their site by clicking the logo on the left (you will need to do do a search of an area code of our service area to find our profile at Professional United Pet Sitters).

I also use Rover to book my services for boarding and dog walking. Anyone who finds me via the sites below must continue to use my services through that site if they would like to have me continue to care for their pet(s). This is a policy by these sites and to keep my integrity I will not break those policies.

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